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Privacy Policy

Please click here, if you are an European Economic Area or United Kingdom resident, for applicable GDPR Privacy Notice.

如果您是加州居民,请点击这里查看Exela Technologies, Inc.’s California Supplemental Privacy Statement.

请点击这里,如果您是位于加拿大的个人,为云顶集团400811公司.’s Canada PIPEDA Statement.

1 Scope

This Policy applies to all employees, contractors, consultants, and vendors of the Company and is to be displayed on the Company website.

2 Policy


2.1.公司遵守联邦、州和地方法规和客户隐私要求. Below is applicable to the United States of America territory and its residents.

2.1.本公司收集在线和现场访问者自愿提交的个人身份信息. 除非获得许可以其他方式使用,否则所提供的信息将用于满足特定请求.

2.1.3 ln connection with the services we provide, the Company may collect the following types of information:

  • Personally Identifiable Information. Names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, social security, tax identification, financial account, national insurance numbers, and company information.
  • Cookies. When a visitor views Company websites,就会向浏览者的电脑发送一个cookie,以识别访问者的浏览器. 这些cookie使网站能够在访问者下次访问公司网站时识别访问者的计算机. 这些cookie将专门用于收集有关使用本网站的信息. Cookies contain no personally identifiable data, 因此,访问者的个人身份信息不会被收集或保留.
  • User Communications. When a visitor sends an email or other communication to the Company, these communications may be retained in order to process inquiries, respond to requests, and improve overall services.
  • Affiliated Websites. 访问者向本公司附属网站提供的个人信息可能会被发送给本公司,以便向本公司或本公司提供的其他附属实体提供服务. The Company processes such information in accordance with this Policy.

2.1.4 As a general rule, 除非客户协议要求或允许,否则公司不会披露个人身份信息, 法律(包括根据国家安全或执法要求)或其他规定, 例如,当公司真诚地认为法律要求披露或本隐私政策中概述的其他情况需要或允许披露时.

  • 本公司可能会与政府机构或协助欺诈预防或调查的其他公司共享信息. The Company may do so when:
    • (1) permitted or required by law
    • (2)试图防止或防止实际或潜在的欺诈或未经授权的交易
    • or (3) investigating fraud which has already taken place


2.1.公司采取合理措施保护个人身份信息. 防止未经授权的访问或泄露个人身份信息, maintain data accuracy, 并支持个人身份信息的适当使用和保密, either for its own purposes or on behalf of our clients, the Company has put in place appropriate physical, technical, 和管理程序,以保护和保护公司拥有的个人身份信息和数据.

2.1.公司以与其收集和维护个人身份信息的目的相一致的方式收集和维护个人身份信息, or as subsequently authorized by an individual or client. To the extent necessary for such purposes, 公司采取合理措施确认个人信息在其预期用途方面是准确和完整的.

2.1.7 Whenever the Company is processing personal data, 本局会采取合理措施,确保个人资料准确及最新,以达致收集资料的目的. 它将使数据主体能够在法律规定的条件和限制内行使以下权利. 如果您希望就使用您的个人数据与我们联系,或者您希望全部或部分反对处理您的个人数据, please contact us. If you have provided consent, you may withdraw consent. You may also request, subject to confidentiality obligations, to:

  • access your personal data as processed by the Company;
  • ask for correction or erasure of your personal data;
  • request portability, where applicable, of your personal data, i.e. that the personal data you have provided to the Company, are returned to you or transferred to the person of your choice, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.


  • The Company periodically verifies that related policies are accurate, comprehensive for the information intended to be covered, prominently displayed, implemented, and are in conformity with the principles of this Privacy Policy.
  • 本公司鼓励有关人士向本公司提出任何疑问. 公司将根据本隐私政策所包含的原则,调查并尝试解决有关使用和披露个人信息的投诉和争议.
  • If the Company determines an employee is in violation of this Privacy Policy, that employee will be subject to the Company's disciplinary process.

2.1.9 In the event that the Company merges, is acquired by or sells its assets to a third- party, 公司可在合理必要的情况下披露与任何此类合并相关的个人身份信息, acquisition or sale. 与本公司合并或收购本公司部分全部资产的任何此类方可能没有与本隐私政策中规定的相同或类似的隐私准则,并且可能以与本隐私政策中规定的方式不同的方式使用个人身份信息.


2.1.11 The Company will post any revised Privacy Policy on its website, or a similar website that replaces that website.

2.1.从客户或前客户处获得的或与之相关的信息进一步受提供给客户的任何隐私通知条款的约束, any contract or other agreement with the client, and application enforcement laws.

2.1.13 The Company will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection regulatory authorities, 解决公司与个人之间无法解决的有关个人资料转移的投诉.

3 Other Covered Entities

The following U.S. subsidiaries of our organization are also adhering to the Privacy Policy:

  • Exela Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
  • SourceHOV, LLC
  • BancTec, Inc.
  • TransCentra, Inc.
  • SourceHOV Healthcare, Inc.